Fragrance Cocktail

by Katharine Schub

In Gallery
December 10, 2022 5p-7p

Guests were invited to design a cocktail based on a ‘fragrance’ blended using the materials provided by the artist. Each guest filled a tube with drops of liquid from numbered vials each with a unique character to create a layered olfactory experience that could then be imbibed. 


1 High tide   
nori & chlorophyll syrup

2 Fur   
shiitake, saffron & lions mane infused scotch (contains alcohol)

3 Brick   
kalamata olive brine & annatto

4 Masala nectar   
cumin, coriander, turmeric, clove, chile de arbol & black peppercorn syrup


5 Kaya toast   
salted pandan syrup

6 Polly pond   
chamomile & lemon syrup

7 Ginger chew   
ginger juice syrup

8 Cel Ray   
celery juice syrup

9 Calabrian pepto   
bergamot essence & cranberry syrup

10 Geosmin   
carrot, rosemary & peppercorn shrub (vinegar based)


11 Aguachile verde
cilantro essence, cucumber, jalapeno & lime juice

12 Salted oleo-saccharum
lemon/lime juice, peels & sea salt syrup

13 Pomelo rose
fresh pomelo juice & rose water

14 Snowball
fresh meyer lemon juice

15 Cozy
nutmeg essence & pineapple

Ann Street Gallery supports artist-led workshops exploring experimental practices. Past workshops have included virtual drawing, marzipan sculpting, and recreational meetings.
Katharine Schub is a Newburgh-based artist with a background in food studies who is currently interested in the intersection of fragrance and gastronomy.

Workshop organized by Diana Mangaser.
Workshop Support by Iliana Arocho, Yoshihiro Sergel, and Yves Bouzaglo.