Virtual Workshop:
The TAZ Method | New Joint
Thursday, June 10, 2021 5p EST

In a two-part virtual workshop, Elena Ailes and David Sprecher will guide participants through a series of thoughtform exercises. The first half of the workshop will lead participants through exercises that attach shape, line and color to language and meaning, with varying results. During the second half of the workshop, participants will be taught to render a small addition to their left index finger. The resulting sculptures will make lasting souvenirs.

Participants should come prepared with drawing materials: paper (any kind), and a choice of mark making tools.
Elena Ailes + David Sprecher

Photos by David Sprecher, 2021

Elena Ailes is interested in that which makes her a better person and a worse person, especially in theory. In reality, she is an artist, writer and educator living in Chicago, IL.

David Sprecher is an artist based in Chicago. He teaches through the Chicago Arts Partnerships in Education and is a cofounder of the design collective Essay. As a sculptor and writer he makes augmented realities that conflate architectural and literary interiors.