Gabriela Galván -
We No.1, Fall, 1:11 pm at 41°50’62.2”N 74°01’6”9.4W, 2022

December 10, 2022 - January 14, 2023

December 10, 2022 5-7pm
Gabriela Galván 

Gabriela Galván’s We Series is part of an ongoing work by Galván exploring the intersection of nature and the urban condition in Newburgh, NY. Through minimal interventions to the landscape which frame and re-contextualize the ground, Galván directs our consciousness to our surroundings, asking us to tread with awareness for what lies below our feet both physically and metaphorically.

For her 1x1x1 installation, Galván transposes a piece of public park onto a plush bed covering at full scale, an invitation for visitors to cover themselves in a blanket of grass within the Gallery. In We No.1, the physical object embodies a virtual plot of land. We reflects our own complicated entanglement with the earth. In our engagement with We—laying below its surface, sitting upon it, carrying it with us—we may find it is not only the ground which has been displaced.

For me, the landscape of Newburgh is full of manifestations of fragility and resistance by humans and nature, by society and ecology. We No.1, embraces this place where we live together. The work invites restoration and healing through respectful and empathetic connection with nature and the land where we live in connection with others.

We encourages attentive interaction with the environment. The land is under our feet, under our houses, breathing and growing in constant transformation—it is our pulse and our grounding. The interaction with We represents the conscious connection we cultivate with our habitat, stemming from genuine love and care for nature and for each other. Because, we all are nature.

We is an invitation to find ourselves embraced within the land where we live, the place where life has persevered for millions of years and generations.

By covering ourselves with
We, we partakes in a metaphorical act of honoring  both time—the millions of years to create the soil, every stone; the evolution and adaptation of every plant, and every organism that lives in this land, including humans— and place, this earth where many generations have grown and perpetuated life, through culture, knowledge, conflicts, and dreams. We is the celebration of life together with the land: a moment where we celebrate our fragility, vulnerability, and resistance in We-land.

—Gabriela Galván

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1x1x1 is ann street gallery’s series featuring one artist, one work, for one month in the Gallery window. 1x1x1 aims to be a nimble platform giving artists experimental space for solo exhibitions.
Gabriela Galván’s (Mexico City, 1974) work centers on exploring the concept of transformation. She creates formal meditations on found and everyday objects, which she uses to activate the relationship between the viewer and the site. Galván is interested in the processes for study, production, dialogue, and interaction that involve interconnectivity, an open exchange of ideas, and sensorial experiences, spanning ages and different cultures. Working across disciplines—installation, public art, sculpture, video, drawing, design, and performance— Galván’s art never settles in a fixed form. Her objects are catalysts for personal and social transformations. Currently, she’s focused on processes of exploring time, to develop a body of work in relationship with live flowers and plants.

Galván’s work has been exhibited in museums and galleries including Museo Nacional de Arte Reina Sofía, ESP; Kunsthaus Baselland, CH; Künstlerhaus Bethanien, DE; Zacheta National Gallery, PL; Awangarda Gallery, PL; Mediations Poznań Art Biennale, PL,Casas Reiner Gallery, US, and Haydee Rovirosa Gallery in New York. In Mexico at Museo Tamayo, Museo de Arte Moderno, Museo Carrillo Gil, Sala de Arte Público Siqueiros, Museo de la Ciudad de México (in collaboration with the Centre George Pompidou) and OMR Gallery, among others.

Her public projects include "Aquatic Random" at Staten Island Ferry Terminal in New York. Galván has been the recipient of various grants and fellowships such as the Rema Hort Mann Foundation Community Engagement Grant, NY; 2021 Atelier Mondial Residency for New York City Artists by Residency Unlimited/Atelier Mondial, NY/CH; Artist Research Grant by Fundación Jumex Arte Contemporáneo, MX; Programa de Residencias Artísticas and the Programa Jóvenes Creadores by the Fondo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes (FONCA) in Mexico. She has also participated in several international art residency programs, including the International Studio & Curatorial Program of New York, OMI International Arts Center-NY; The Artist: Network-NY, Atelier Mondial in Basel-CH, and Fundación Casa Wabi-MEX. Galvan’s works are included in private collections in New York and Mexico,

Galván has combined her art practice with art education in diverse institutions such as a guest lecturer at the FHNW Academy of Art and Design in Basel as part of the CoCreate Program, CH; the University of Fine Arts in Poznań, PL; Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) and international projects with the Museum at FIT, NY-US; Brooklyn College at the City University of New York, US; the Dedalus Foundation, NY-US, and BRIC House in New York, US.

Gabriela Galván lives and works in New York.

1x1x1 is curated by Diana Mangaser.
Exhibition Support by Iliana Arocho and Yoshihiro Sergel.