Mollie McKinley - Summer Goth
July 10 - August 7, 2021

Performance / Opening
July 10, 2021 7pm

Mollie McKinley

Summer Goth is a multiform projectincluding a hand-bound artist book and a series of photographic altars. The book contains an original poetic text and photographs printed on vellum. The photo-sculptures, or Veil Altars, are made of photographs printed on silk; sheet glass; and silver chain.

As the inaugural artist for 1x1x1, Mollie McKinley will present a performance / reading / ritual from the text and create a new Veil Altar sculpture for the gallery's front window. The altar is viewable from both the street and from inside the gallery.

This new work uses the symbolic and textural language of veils to embody these ethereal intersections around land, spirit, and body. Veils, gauzy mists, and liminal thresholds of in-betweens challenge the power structures that make opposites possible. Functionally, veils are experiences where oppositional duality meet in a moment of unknowing. Here there is blur, and transformation. These ethereal slips between clarity and the unknown are experienced as the blurry passageways between life and death. Here there are unclear relationships between illness and “wellness,” and fluid shifts between disability and the mythic "able body."

There is an ethereal dissolve when such binaries intermingle; both become cloudy. Clarity between two concrete forces slips; a smear of liquid stains a surface, creating an inconvenient collaboration of material. These are vein infusions, energy releases, drains, and ghostly waftings. These collaborations with the unseen are expressed through the pairing of delicate silk and uncut, industrially manufactured stained glass, anointed by silver chain.

1x1x1 is ann street gallery’s series featuring one artist, one work, for one month in the Gallery window. 1x1x1 aims to be a nimble platform giving artists experimental space for solo exhibitions.
Mollie McKinley is an interdisciplinary artist based in the Hudson Valley of New York. She approaches the ephemeral nature of metaphysics and the body through sculpture, photography, and text. Her projects work with transformation as both a material process and conceptual goal. Her conversations with the changes of geologic time unfold as alchemical processes. She often works directly in landscapes, as well as with materials such as glass, light, salt, earth, and water.