Objects for Reading
April 9 - May 20, 2022

April 9, 2022
Viewing Hours 1-5pm
Reception 5-7pm
The Third Rooom (Jason Robert Bauer)
John Delk
Kim Markel 
Sean McClelland (NAFCO) 
Ian McMahon (IMA) 
Andrew Murphy/Elliot Meier 
Christin Ripley 
Yoshihiro Sergel (YSDM) 

In celebration of the Open Reading Room, Ann Street Gallery presents Objects for Reading, a group exhibition featuring the work of The Third Rooom (Jason Robert Bauer); John Delk; Kim Markel;  Sean McClelland (NAFCO); Ian McMahon (IMA); Andrew Murphy/Elliot Meier; Christin Ripley; Yoshihiro Sergel (YSDM). The exhibition will be on display from April 9–May 20, 2022, after which select objects will showcased with in the Open Reading Room where visitors will have the opportunity to engage with the objects.

Objects for Reading considers the act of reading as a framework for the creative production of objects which facilitate one’s engagement with printed matter. The participating artist or maker imbues their work with this functionality, yet each object demonstrates a specific aesthetic drawn from each’s differentiated lines of material and poetic inquiry.

Presented along with Objects for Reading is a selection of books curated by Jonette O’Kelley Miller, art historian, curator and freelance writer.

The Open Reading Room is a dedicated space focused on artist books & ephemera, art books, and other cultural media that is accessible and free to the public during Gallery open hours.
The Third Rooom (Jason Robert Bauer) works with the vision of bringing light energy and nature into living spaces through aesthetic and conceptual explorations, creating artwork that transcends the human/object experience using the unique qualities of glass and other mediums.

John Delk is an American visual artist based in Newburgh NY.

Kim Markel is a first generation American artist and designer. Based in the Hudson Valley, Kim's studio is driven by curiosity and the desire to create captivating objects through reimagining materials and processes.

Sean McClelland (NAFCO) founded North American Furniture Company with his own line of furniture, lighting and interior goods. With a healthy reverence for the past and a desire to push the limits of the visual and tactile experience, McClelland’s pieces are an amalgamation of history and current thought. He believes furniture is meant to be used and as such should result in timeless satisfaction through those items we choose to surround ourselves with.  

Ian McMahon (IMA) is a material collaborator living and working in Newburgh, NY. McMahon practices a process driven inquiry into ubiquitous materials, rigorously interrogating their unique qualities to uncover results that are as honest as they are unbelievable. The work on display in this exhibition uses boat shrink wrap as both mold and finished membrane, celebrating the tactile delicacy and visual opulence often overshadowed by its protective industrial purpose. These works demonstrate an authorial expansion for McMahon; known for engineering theatrically temporal site works, he now channels the same concentrated care into composing and crafting lasting interactables under the moniker Ian McMahon Artifacts or IMA. 

Andrew Murphy/Elliot Meier are a woodworker/cabinet maker based in Newburgh and an architect/designer based in Brooklyn who have collaborated for 10 years on projects ranging in scale from furniture pieces to a custom design/built residence in Newburgh. 

Christin Ripley specializes in hand-printed textiles that are formed into pillows, furniture & sculpture. All items are made start to finish by Ripley in New York’s Hudson Valley. Her studio processes include: Turkish Ebru marbling, serigraph, relief printing, wood-working, bookbinding, sewing & upholstery. Her philosophical influences include: Incrementalism, the Bauhaus, Mathematics, & Suminagashi.

Yoshihiro Sergel (YSDM) is a Japanese-American designer based in Newburgh NY. His practice imagines design as a prismatic lens integrating spatial awareness, architectural sensibility, and aesthetics into the structure of everyday environments.