Listening to Land:

Imaginal Technologies, Material Conduits, & Landscape Translations Toward Perceiving Place

NEW: Sunday August 27
2:00-4:00 Listening to Nonhumans Workshop
4:00-5:30 Closing Reception with Gallery Talks

July 13 - August 27 
Opening Reception July 15, 4:00-7:00pm 
The exhibition and reception are free and open to the public.

Gallery Hours:
Thursday 4-7pm
Saturdays 1-5pm
Sundays 1-5pm
Extended hours July 22 - July 23 of  11-5 for Upstate Art Weekend

Listening to Land Exhibition Guide Here

“Listening to Land” is a group exhibition exploring practices of listening in relation to place and the place-making potential of creative acts of listening, wherein to land is a verb, and listening provides a point of ingress.

Artists in the exhibition use storytelling, jam-making, woodworking, basketry, mapping, lenses, microphones, speakers, and other technologies to heighten our ability to relate to our surroundings and other beings, and to extend our capacity to perceive beyond what is visible or knowable in the landscape. Prehistoric, mythical, and contemporary techniques used by the artists help us to imagine futures in which humans are in more reciprocal relationships with each other and the broader cosmology of entities with whom we share the land.

The exhibition offers sounds, portals, and moments of suspension, aiming to inspire silence, slowness, and humility. Materials such as wood, water, stone, soil, plants, glass, metal, horsehair, and minerals act as conduits for the voices of the land from whence they came. The artists invoke the non-human presences of specific places through ultrasensitive explorations of their materials’ inherent qualities and capabilities, inviting us to pause, and reshaping our perceptions.

The works in the exhibition suggest that when one listens to land, the land reveals entanglements with intangible forces and phenomena, with buried histories and lost kinships, and with water systems. Rather than rendering landscapes that delineate land from water, human activity, or the cosmos, the works in the exhibition translate images of landscape into abstractions, experiences, revisions, and mappings that allow us to know the land through intricate and interconnected relationships.

Curated by Alison McNulty, Ann Street Gallery Director

“Listening to Land” includes artists:

Margaux Crump
Donna Francis
Katerie Gladdys
Katie Grove
Ellie Irons
Sergey Jivetin
Kite and Robbie Wing
Fernanda Mello
Steve Rossi
Jean-Marc Superville Sovak
Susan Walsh
Millicent Young

Free public programming supporting the exhibition will include engagements with several regional artists, beginning with an interactive Seed Stories project with artist-miniaturist Sergey Jivetin on July 22 and a hands-on Basswood Cordage Workshop on July 23 with artist and educator Katie Grove during Upstate Art Weekend. On August 19, Interdisciplinary artist and educator Ellie Irons will lead Feral Hues of the Hudson River Estuary, a hands-on foraging and paint-making workshop focused on the wild, weedy, and feral plants who green the city streets and shoreline of current-day Newburgh. Oglala Lakota performance artist, visual artist, and composer, Kite, aka Dr. Suzanne Kite, and Robbie Wing, artist and musician from Oklahoma & Citizen of the Cherokee Nation will lead a workshop called Listening to Nonhumans on August 27th. Find more information here.

Listening to Land Exhibition Guide Here

ASG Curated Reading List 03 by Kite accompanies the 8-channel sound installation by Kite and Robbie Wing in our Open Reading Room & Media Space.
Download the reading list with an introduction and annotations Here

Press for Listening to Land:

Warwick Advertiser, 13 June 2023

Upstate Art Weekend Journeys (Featured in ‘Route 4)

Highlands Current July 14 2023 (Donna Francis’ Mercy is featured)

8-channel sound installation and curated reading list by Kite and Robbie Wing, 2023

Kite, Nuŋȟwáuŋzazapi (We Only Hear Snatches of What is Said), Photograph, 3' x 4', 2022

Jean-Marc Superville Sovak; Blood of Souls, Diadem of Kings, monoprint on archival inkjet print, 2022

Jean-Marc Superville Sovak, Love is a Form of Death, monoprint on archival inkjet print, 2022

Donna Francis, Mercy, Pinhole Camera/Archival Giclee Print, 26x314x5”, 2001. Collection of the Artist.

Margaux Crump, For Seeing Neither Here Nor Elsewhere, Naturally holed hag stones, antique microscope lenses and objectives, engraved glass and velvet display case, 6 x 30 x 9”, 2022 (Image by Jake Eshelman)

Millicent Young, liminal, grapevine, sycamore, horse hair, 94 x 15 x 39”, 2013


Exhibition documentation and archive of included works coming soon!

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Ann Street Gallery wishes to thank our generous supporters for sharing their time and talents during our summer exhibition:
Exhibition support: Travis Schaben
Reception Documentation: Adam DuVuyst 
Gallery Attendants: Alba Borchert, Erica Hauser, Pam LaLonde, Nancy Layne, Odessa Patmos, Anna Penny, Denean Ritchie, Jackie Skrzynski